Update on Spartan Warrior - Kopis and Aspis

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle,

Roman finished a bust of a Spartan Warrior by Pegaso in the end of 2016, which was not finished at all. Now it is finished, because it was missing something.

An Aspis (shield of the hoplite) and a Kopis (sword of the ancient hoplites).
Roman asked Raffaele Picca if he would sculpt this for him in 3D, Matt Cexwish's Pro Tools did the 3D prints in Berlin. Thanks also to Kirill Kanaev who helped Roman to get a shield by Young Miniatures. In the end it turned out that Roman and his client had to decide what shield to use ...

Really sweet work by Raffaele.

Kopis in place. Check.

Shield #01

Both options. We decided on the right one as if you think about the scale of the model (1:11) this shield needs to be bigger than the version on the left. In real a Aspis was about one meter of diameter. Super-huge, but super-protective and super-heavy, only for super-strong ancient warriors.

Right size.

Roman finished the paintjob on the shield and the kopis and attached both to the bust. His client was superhappy with it and they are already planning their historical project for 2017.

If you want to see more photos of the project, please check back with Putty&Paint.

Keep on happy painting!

Speedpainting Masterclass in Forchheim

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle readers,

we are happy to announce the next MV painting class in Germany.
This time, Roman will give a special class in Forchheim: it will be a Speedpainting Masterclass with Zombies :-)
It´s a one-day-class, which will be on Saturday, 15th of July 2017.

Be sure to save your seat quickly. If you are interested in joining the class, please write an E-Mail to Peter: baphomet---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com or subscribe via the forum link where you also can get all necessary information:

If you need an English translation, please feel free to contact Peter via the E-Mail-address above.

If you are interested in having one of Roman´s classes in your city, please check this link: CLICK

Best regards,
your MV-Team

Workshop News - Two Advanced Classes canceled!

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle,

we got news around seminars/workshops for you.

Even they have been announced, 
the following classes will not be held due the lack of student numbers. They will be canceled. We are working on a solution which makes the MV's Jar's Advanced Class more interesting for people who even did not take the Beginner Class yet:

Please understand that there is no offence in this. It is simple mathematics and also some private decisions in Romans life. We will come back with better plans on the Advanced Classes in the middle of the year. The one in Blumberg-Achdorf will be held as the class is full with 16 students.

Sad news we know, but do not worry this often leads to something good in the end.

 Keep on happy painting!



Luna's soldier

by Oli aka HonourGuard


some time passed since my last post.
I made a lot updates on my personal pages, some interviews for homepages, but didn't share anything here. So I thought it would be a good time to write and show you some news again. Or also older works that I have finished over the last year.

In the past year I worked on a lot comission works, the most I have every did and it was a really great time in basing and painting, with interesting projects and clients. But also had some personal figures to paint. I had the opportunity to create a lot after my personal decisions, so I still was very flexibel in the development of the projects. I hope in the future I can work more with comissions to make this as a part time job to my regular work.

I want to start with showing you Luna's soldier a nice female model from Nocturna, I liked all their latest releases with the female models a lot. And so finally I throw some colors on a figure of them. I think it was the first bigger female model that I have painted in all time.

Luna's soldier, with and without colors

Luna's soldier:

Together with the client, we decided to create a nice diorama base with big stairs. I wanted to give it a more unusual, fantastic look with the aborted stairs and a dark and cold color sheme. For the base I picked up and old WIP-Base and started to sculpt the basic volumes of the stairs and the archway on it. In the next days I added the stone structure to this volumes with Milliput. I wanted to create a very interesting stone structure on it, which gave me a lot playground for the painting and basing process.

Create the basic volumes:

Created little rough walls with Milliput: 

Finished Base: 

Now to colors and to the final result. I tried to realise a very dark atmosphere on the figure and on the base too.

I hope you like this version of Luna. Here are the links to the complete gallerys you can find in the net:

Checkout my Miniature-Sale catalouge if you want to support my art!
And the work of the other Massive Voodoo mates too for sure :)

Best regards

Sentinel of R´lyeh

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle,

another miniature has left Peter´s painting table. Another longtime wip is finished! This time it´s the Sentinel of R´lyeh, sculpted by Raffa and published by FeR Miniatures.

Peter is a great fan of the Game of Thrones series and chose the King´s Guard as his source of inspiration.

If you like the bust, feel free to comment below or leave a vote on Putty&Paint.
The bust is for sale. You will find more details in Peter´s catalogue, which you will find here.

Best regards,
Your MV-Team

Franchise Draft - Football Players

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle,

you might remember the review we did on some cool looking
Football Player Models in 32 mm by Franchise Draft.

Their Kickstarter arrives in its final stage - four days left - and not much is missing to make this become alive. Maybe it just misses your help? Well, Roman decided to go for the angry Ref Miniature and the Heavy Metal Anthem singer, really cool.You can have a look over here:

Franchise Draft - Indigogo

In the meantime Roman also painted two of the reviewed players. Just for fun and joy. They look pretty cool and as Roman was asked to do photos of two painted players, painted by MG Studios from Spain - he also did photos of all four. Frankly, what amazes him the most is the superdynamic poses and action going on as soon as more of these miniatures come together. 

Check these:

Roman painted exactly the models he was reviewing last week. A catcher with the number 13:
 And a linebacker ready to tackle with the number 87:

Both painted on high gaming standard, but nothing too superfancy, only the shoes of number 13:

So superdynamic moves. 
Let's hope this comes alive!

Find Franchise Draft on facebook and help to develop:

Keep on happy painting!

Interview: Pigment Pirates

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle,

Massive Voodoo is quite famous
for our not-so-regular and unique interviews.

This time we bring you a group of painters from the North of Germany, a group that lives close to the seashore and call themselves ...

"A big bunch of entusiasm, inspiration and pure madness! Very proud to be a member of the crew and to know that there are more nerds like me. It is how it is: The power of the group brings so much energy in the hobby!" - Siggi

"To me the Pigment Pirates are the most important pillar for the hobby. Here I can find tips for new  projects, help in techniques, motivation  to paint on and a lot of fun with crazy people. For sure it's also funny to paint at home, but to discuss the results with friends and thereby improve skills is even more fun!" - Alex P.

This interview was held by Roman and he wants to thank the Pigment Pirates for taking the time to answer the questions he was throwing at them.

1. Who are the Pigment Pirates?

The Pigment Pirates Hamburg are a group of miniature painters, mainly from Hamburg and surrounding areas. Also some who are located further south in Germany. There are guys who won prizes like Golden Demons or other trophies, but also guys who just started miniature painting. We try to bring the fun and knowlege of painting to everyone out there at the seven seas of colors. 

2. Where are you guys located and were do you meet up? 
As mentioned before, the PPH are mainly based in Hamburg. So our meeting point,  called the 'Pirate Cave', is in Hamburg too. Meetings are every Thursday evening in a big cellar room in the Wu Dao Kung Fu Acadamy running by Sifu Heiko Klisch, who is also one of our (big) members and captains.

3. How did you guys come together to form this group of painters?
This came together because of an existing painting scene in Hamburg and around. But there were only 2-3 meetings in the year with all of them. So a small group of them (4-5 guys) started to meet each other more often. We were in luck that Heiko give us his room for free (!) for that. Our group starts to grow but there was no name for us. To be continued...

"The Pigment Pirat's are a group of miniature painter's which like to paint and talk together. In that, they support each other  and motivating every of the pirates." - Marc

"The Pigment Pirates motivates me to get better every day, to try new ways of painting and helps me as a group with advice and support." - Steffen

"The Pigment Pitates are real friends, inspiration, motivation and a great push to another level. Everybody is a team player a you get the help you need. 
We all enjoy the hobby and have a lot of fun together."  - Micha

"Teamwork with passion - and the goal to push each other above the limits"
- Alex v. S. 

"For me, it's great to be part of a local comunity again. And together we can complete a lot of projects that would have been really hard to do alone."
- Alek

"Pigment pirates, armed to the brushes"
- Tjark

4. Why Pirates?
As the group grew bigger and we started talking about attending competitions as a comunity, we decided to take a new, more serious name and a memorable logo. After several days of brainstorming (no crew members were harmed in the process) about Hamburg and Klaus Störtebeker we agreed on Pigment Pirates Hamburg. With lots of collective feedback Alek then designed the logo and general look of the pirates and there we were, ready to sail with style!

5. Do you have a command structure like on a pirate ship?
We try to discuss everything as a group. But sometimes it's easier to have a shortly and fixed solution for issuses. For this we created a organization crew. The crew consist in 4 of the origin members of the pirates: Jo, Heiko, Flo and Siggi
These guys always try to find the best ideas and solution for the whole group. 

6. We want to hear the funniest moment you guys enjoyed together, hobbywise.
As we moved from the first club room to the new bigger room, we noticed that it is much warmer than in the old  one. This was because of the room for the heater of the building is next to it. So someone came up with the idea of 'naked painting sessions' during summer time. Now everybody is afraid when this will happen!
7. What are your future goals and plans concerning the group?
We want to grow further in numbers and spread the hobby. Already we are organizing painting classes and workshops, so this will be an ongoing part in the future. And maybe we will succeed in forming sort of a brand, that everybody knows what the Pigment Pirates are about: painting and sculpting miniatures and most of all the fun in doing that :)

"The Pigment Pirates give me the opportunity to share my hobby with peers, and to develop it further on."

"A wonderful horde of people with sick ideas, paintings and projects every day. There will be everyday big smiles and the hard smash when someone hits u with the contrast whip. More asskicks to sit down and paint can't be found."

"The Pirates are a small hobbyfamily for me. The most fun it is for me to share my works with them and get great feedback."

"For me the Pigment Pirates Hamburg are a bunch of color-mad people who sail the seven seas of miniature painting… and everybody could come aboard! "

"The PPH were a longtime dream of me. A group of nice people having the same interest and some even having the same dream of giving the community something back. 
PPHs are a great chance to receive feedback, have nice chats and spread the wonderful world of colors around Hamburg."

"To me? Pigment Pirates are a bunch of creative crazy guys, in a very positive way!
The different styles and levels of each crew member, makes it possible to have a great portfolio of skills, tools and know-how, i can learn from...
I am just looking forward to get  a lot of inspiration and  hope to improve my skills with these guys/knuckleheads even more in the next years."

Thank you for this nice interview to the Pirates from Hamburg.
It will be linked up to MV's Jungle Interview section.
Keep on happy painting!


by Roman aka jar


wtf is RTGIFI #002?
First, the follow up to RTGIFI #001.
Rest is easy maths: Roman's thank god its friday inspiration! Numero 2!
Stay tuned and enjoy.

I will do these posts regularly, not every Friday, but regularly. They will sum up my irregular inspiration or music posts. It will also help me to clean my inspiration link list and maybe I even create a fine playlist to listen to while painting up little warriors or cowboys.
It is about music, inspiration and stuff that keeps my mind inspired.

Let's start with music: Love this song for painting at the moment :)

And another one...  about Whisky.

Some more inspiration for me this week was the following:

Volomir.com - DO NOT MISS 2017 Week 5
Chris Suhre' Spotlight on Composition
Space Wolf Imperial Knight

When it comes to painting I am pretty much in a Frank Frazetta phase. Really enjoying seeing his artwork of high fantasy all around me and study his colors to let this influance my own way of painting my miniature projects. A cool ride, but sometimes really hard for the brain. This week I got three of my favourite paintings of him linked up:

Frank Frazetta - Sound
Frank Frazetta - Chained
Frank Frazetta - Captive Princess

I mean just look at these colors, this ambience, this dynamic bodies, this power. I love it and I continue to study it. Let's see how this will influance my own little painting world. I might have some more lined up on the next RTGIFI :D 

Keep on happy painting!
- Roman

Mu 94 - Kimera Models - Dumah, Lord of Bones

by Massive Voodoo

Time for another review on MV. 

This is review #94 - if you are interested in getting to know more products or miniatures we regularly use, check the overview on the Miniatures/Material Unpacked, in short MU.

Today we will look closer on a project called "Dumah, Lord of Bones", by Kimera Models, sculpted by Hector Moran. Scale of the Model is 75 mm.

Find Kimera Models here:

Roman takes over with the review now.


Look what landed on my table.

This review took me a little longer than usual, but it makes it also special as I already painted the model to finish.

As you know we always write frank reviews on models that we present in such a MU. It will be no different with this one by ...

That was blunt advertisment, yes.
Frankly the box is just so sexy.

On the back you got a lot of information about the model and two version painted of this model. 

When you open it up it is still very sexy. A paper sheet of information appears.

The sheet of paper includes more information, the box arts again and on the inside a big poster of the artwork of the character "Dumah".

Very sexy indeed. 
Our painters heart strives to the upcoming content of the box. Shall we procedd?

Slowly ...

And tons of parts appear.

This is what makes this Kimera sculpt so special. Very common in smaller scales - for example Games Workshop sprues - you can decide how to build up your model from different poses and equipment. Very unusual for larger scales like this 75 mm range indeed, but with this kit you can. You can decide how to build your own Dumah character. That is sexy.

The presentation online, via the actual content of the box and the presentation of Kimera on events - for example - Monte San Savino Show is high end quality. High class. Every thumb up, even my toes.

Time to make some decisions, but first see what we got there.

First impression is really good.

Now this is a sword. Oversized? No, it is to slay oversized enemies.

Casual Mould lines here and there. Nothing to hard to handle on this quality resin.

This might be annoying, but time and effort will tell and hopefully nothing delicate will break.

These are the two very obvious mould line issues. Rest does look very good and should be no problem to get it ready for painting A really big plus on this sculpt is how good everything fits. High advantage of 3D sculpting I guess.

Everything is well prepared for smooth fixation, even the cool base.

The two heads and an icon that you can attach to his back and on it there you can attach the skeleton. Both, the face and helmet version do look so full of character. Can't wait to see someone paint up Skeletor.

Several shoulder pads, a chest plate, a shield or an arm without shield offer a variety of options.

The poor skeleton.

To be frank on the first impression I really enjoyed the grade of detail for example on the kneepad. On the second glimpse I miss some sharper edges and interesting volumes here. I believe also this is concerned to the 3D sculpt, but somehow I personally felt this while doing the review.

I am also confused on the looks of the fabrics. Just by the sculpt, they do look weird and do not seem to have wrinkles based on weight or wind. Well, that is just my personal oppinion.

Now to the fitting quality.

Some size comparisions of the main body.

The parts fit so well together. Really well thought of the Kimera team.
Wonderful, well done. Arm fits to body like arm should fit to body.

As I have already painted up this model on comission I can tell a little more on how it feels while painting it. Here are some angles on the finished model. More will follow soon via Massive Voodoo or can already be seen on Putty&Paint.

I gotta say I was scared first of some volumes might feel weird while painting them. Especially the ones who looked pretty much out of the 3D Printer. Also the pose is nothing very special, standing there presenting his oversized sword to kill oversized enemies. Well, I was wrong. I really enjoyed this paintjob. The character presented here is a true demon lord and the kit allows you to build up your vision of him. Painting wise it was a joy to breathe life into him. On some areas I was not able to paint edges like I used to as there were only strange edges, but this did push the breaks on my painting joy. It works and is enjoyable when you paint it.

So let me sum up my thoughts on this kit in this

+ A Fantasy sculpt with an original and fresh concept in 75 mm, that is rare
+ Multikit: Really cool to build your own unique version
+ high quality resin cast, great fitting quality
+ super high end product quality and presentation, very sexy
+ beginner friendly, even with so many parts
+ very fast from out of the boy to ready for painting
+ A lot of painting fun, paints by itself

- When the model is build in your vision you still got a lot of parts you do not have any use for. Maybe in the future these parts can be combined with future Kimera releases. 

- Not the cheapest model around, through the high quality and many optional resin parts

- Some parts of the model look very 3D, hard to explain, they do look different than on handmade sculpts. Maybe it is the style of the sculptor, but this was something I had to get used to. 

- A lot of painted versions of this model are available to see online (starting already on the release), this limits creativity of painters who want to find their own vision.


Always remember this is just my personal view on this cast. My honest and frank oppinion. 
I really enjoy the fresh ideas coming from the caves of the Kimera and I can not wait for future releases. 

Keep on happy painting!