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by Massive Voodoo

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."
John Muir

Tutorial Voting: Special Birthday Edition!

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle Painters,

yesterday we celebrated Massive Voodoo's 5th Birthday with a little gift and a task for you - so if you did not read it yet - here you go!

Today Massive Voodoo's year of the painter brings you a special edition of Tutorial Voting:
The Birthday Special Edition. Now what does that mean, eh?

In full force madness there are six articles you can choose from today, all a little special and it will be like in the Highlander series: There can only be one! One up next week - you decide which one via comment under this post!

In this article Roman talks about the basework he has done on Northstar Models' Male Galaxy Defender. The article is strictly about the base, no talk about the models' paintjob included.

For this article vote "SciFi base" in your comment!

This article goes back to the explanation on how Roman painted the Toadking in his project called
"Frogs X-ing". It is a deep look into the paintjob itself, no basing or other talk included.

For this article vote "Green Frog" in your comment!

This article takes a look on the use of Scale75 Steel Tone Set and Inktensity Set and talks about the use of these cool colours. Explanation is done on Roman's latest painted "Vampire" guy from Sgt. Blackart and includes a little step by step through the process of the figure.

For this article vote "Scale75 Metals" in your comment!
In this article Raffa is explaining to you with some cool tips and tricks on how you can sculpt a loincloth on a giant's butt from Games Workshop. It gives insight in tools and material.

For this article vote "Giant butt" in your comment!

This article is about a step by step walkthrough on a female barbarian from the range of Ilyad Games. It gives insight in Roman's thoughts on the base and the paintjob.

For this article vote "Barbarian Girl" in your comment!
A step by step on Roman's latest bust, the Inuit Fisherman. A colourful journey through a truely big bust. Talking about painting the fish, the skin, the leather and doing the snow.

 For this article vote "Inuit Fisherman" in your comment!
Now it is your turn to vote until Monday next week!
There can only be one! 
Happy voting!

Happy 5th Birthday Massive Voodoo!!

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Massive Voodoo readers and Jungle Painters,

five years ago a little basket was washed against the shore of the big jungle island, a big gorilla who was searching the beach for shells for a new necklace found it and he brought it home, showed the content of the basket to the monkeys of the creative-totem-tribe living deep under the jungle canopy. 
Quickly the monkeys gathered around it and decided to raise what they found in the basket. The date was September 17th 2009 and what they found in that little basket was a baby blog. They named it Massive Voodoo.

Well, today - September 17th, 2014 - Massive Voodoo - your jungle blog of daily updates on miniature inspiration celebrates his 5th birthday. Five years passed until the blog was funded, five years that often changed the blog in its apperance, five years that made every miniature painter connected to it grow bigger in his painting skills, five years with a lot of content for its readers and the community sorrounding it, five years with a lot of laughter and sometimes tears, five years that saw improvement, change and left some proud scars here and there and the baby blog became an adult by now we'd say. To this date the blog was visited 6,495,686 times in the last five years. Truely massive it feels and we want to thank everybody who made the baby blog a place that is visited that often, because of you outthere MV became a grown up blog!

As did the monkeys inhabiting it ... growing from babies to serious adults. Oh really? Well, no! :D
The monkeys behind your jungle blog still are little boys and girls that love to paint tiny nerdy miniatures, who call themself proud to be a nerd.

Well, today we want to celebrate this with you with a) a little task to all our readers and b) a little gift announced by your MV-Team. Which one shall we start with??


Let's start with the gift we'd say: BANANALICIOUS II!

Many of you might remember the 1st MV BANANALICOUS Painting Contest, the biggest online contest which the world of miniature painting ever saw with tons of entries by painters and sculptors from all over the globe. A contest that roared the joy of happy painting out to the world and with every participant showing his pride and passion of what we all do by entering in it.

Massive Voodoo - Bananalicious Contest:
Bananalicious Painting Contest - Winners Banana!
Bananalicious Painting Contest - Winners Sculpting
Bananalicious Painting Contest - Winners Diorama
Bananalicious Painting Contest - Winners Historic Master
Bananalicious Painting Contest - Winners Historic Standard
Bananalicious Painting Contest - Winners Fantasy Master
Bananalicious Painting Contest - Winners Fantasy Standard
Bananalicious Painting Contest - Gallery of all entries
Bananalicious Painting Contest Announcement

For us the first issue of the Bananalicious Contest was hard work behind the curtains. Collecting, organising and judging 172 entries, not only with single projects but with displays (several models showcased together) was truely exhausting, but also rewarding as we felt the wave of fun everyone of you had with this contest.

Now we decided to bring you issue number two of this massive contest. MV's BANANALICIOUS CONTEST - ISSUE 2 will start on November 17th 2014 and until then we want you to know that you have to prepare yourself. We will provide you with all information you need and have some cool updates of the rules and categories. We are sure that this issue will shake the painting community to its core when all of us line up to top the number of entries of the first issue.

You want to be a sponsor?
You own a miniature company, a painter's forum, a miniature related blog or you are a single individual and you want to be a sponsor of the BANANALICIOUS CONTEST - ISSUE 2?
If so, please contact us via: mv---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com


Now that we have presented you the gift we are preparing for you to celebrate MV's 5th we arrive at  the task we ask of you, the jungle painters and voodoo readers.

Sometimes a letter or an email, written by a Jungle Painter drops in the jungle and so did the one of Mattias from Denmark:

"Dear Roman, 
like many probably already did, or at least I hope so, I would like to thank you and your team for the Massive Voodoo experience! I very rarely sit down and write Emails like this, in which case this is one of those times where I won't stop myself from writing out to folks like you who deserves the recognition.

I thought I was a retired miniature painter, with too many interest in my hands. But I am only 24 at present time, so it felt wrong in many years, not to be swinging the brush. I actually had a break for 4 whole years. I was a part of the Danish Golden Demon team back in Copenhagen, but never got around finishing up my entry for UK, and after that it all just stopped. It was a nice experience to discover your painting, and the way you and your team interpret the miniature painting scene as a respectful art form, like it should be! This was what I had missed all these years, but couldn't find myself. The artform! 

I was born and bred on White Dwarf and Eavy Metal. And even though I still love this part of the miniature world, the discovery of a new painting scene was a fresh breath to me! I took this inspiration and found my painting joy back, and I walk around these days with a smile much bigger than before, cause besides the other fantastic things I do in my everyday life, the joy of painting just can't be replaced, and its a part of who I am, because i've been doing it since I was 7. It feels so great to be painting with new energies, and with a trial and error in focus, not being afraid to push my own limits and try something new. This is still a niche in the art society in Denmark, were you almost can count the pro painters in one hand. The social aspect of painting is so important for me and my motivation, so god bless the internet I guess..! Because it is also great to share with people who understand. 

So what I would actually like to say in short terms with this mail is, keep up the good work, thanks for the inspiration, great painting, and i'll hope to run into you folks some time in the near future! 
Kind regards, 

Mattias words really gives us the heebie-jebbies as his story is exactly what Massive Voodoo is aiming at. Thank you Mattias for your time to sit down to write such words!

Now what is your Massive Voodoo experience?
Your story connected to Massive Voodoo?
Since when do you read Massive Voodoo?

Let us know via comment on this birthday post, we would be thankful if you would find the time to write some words, thoughts or what is on your mind!

Happy 5th Birthday Massive Voodoo!
And Happy Birthday, Ben Komets!!

MV-Team: Bene

by Massive Voodoo


Name: Bene

Nickname: Benji

Years of Painting: Restarted painting in 2009 for wargaming, cabinet painting since the mid of 2011,
Sculpting since 2012

Media: Mainly acrylics, sometimes watercolors, for sculpting all kinds of clay and putty, but mainly Scuper Sculpey, Fimo, BeesPutty Plastic and Milliput

Brushes/Tools: Windsor&Newton Series 7, some cheap brushes for different purposes, for sculpting many dental tools, like the Zahle tool, some Studioworx/Bees tools and a bunch of selfmade tools and also my fingers and hands, for both, painting and sculpting :D

Airbrush: Harder and Steenbeck Evolution, very useful tool

Miniatures: Mainly Fantasy and Sci-Fi Scales: Mostly 28-32mm, but sometimes also 54mm or larger, and also busts

Speed: somewhat mediocre I would say, not really fast but also not slow

Average Painting Hours per day: Hmm, hard to say, sometimes the whole day, but there are also many days, where I don´t paint, in average I would say 1-2 hours.

Sculpting: Yes, and I really like it.

Favourite Painters: Ben Komets, Roman Lappat, Raffaele Picca, Francesco Farabi, Alfonso Giraldez

Favourite Sculptors: Allan Carrasco, Pedro Fernandez, Patrick Masson, Raffaele Picca, Simon Lee, Steve Party, Alfonso Giraldez

Hello, my name is Bene,

but on the web you´ll find me often with my nickname Benji.
These days I´m a student of Geography in Augsburg.

My first contact with miniatures is now 11 years ago, which is pretty much half my life these days. But in these days long time ago, my focus wasn´t on high quality miniature painting for cabinet, but more on playing tabletop games and getting color onto my figures. After three years playing tabletop games, I dropped the hobby because of other hobbies. Then around 5 years ago I found back to painting miniatures in the first time again for playing tabletop, but soon playing tabletop was less and less important and painting became more important, as this was also the time where I started to take a look into miniature forums and blogs and there were so many cool painted and converted miniatures which made me want to create cool models on my own. You can find some of my miniature work on Putty&Paint.

Funnily Massive Voodoo also played a big role at that time in bringing me into the painting and sculpting area of the big miniature hobby. Well so 5 years ago it was more or less a new start into the hobby. I guess it was the sumer of 2011 where I met Raffa and Roman at a workshop in Soest. Since then there grew a deep friendship between us, which I really don´t want to miss in my life. Beside only painting miniatures I was also always interested in sculpting, because I really like the opportunity you get with sculpting to create your own ideas starting from a blanc canvas, as you aren´t limited through miniatures you might need for a project (although there are tons of cool minis out there).

So my drop into sculpting was with a workshop held by Mati in 2012. Since then I started many sculpts were some are still unfinished, as finishing the miniatures is for me always the hardest part when sculpting. But I have much fun with sculpting and will spend many hours in the future to create my own sculpts. All that brought me also to drawing and painting (digital and traditional) as the miniature painting and sculpting stuff woke up my creative side. Somehow I like to create and design and to work on my skills to be able to visualize my ideas. I also enjoy taking my camera and doing photos to find the beauty of the world.

Another part I like about the hobby we share, is the community, as I met there so many new friends and nice people with which I love to hang around and have a good time. Unfortunately the chances to meet all the people are rare, as it is mainly at contests or conventions and sometimes at a painters meeting, but that makes these rare times even more special and funny. Beside the miniature hobby I have also many other interests, which are for example photography, pc gaming, biking, hiking, and so many more, basicly too many hobbies for too less time.

Well, I´m pretty sure I forgot to write so many things I could have wrote, but I hope, that this page gives you a little insight about me, how I came to the hobby and why I like it.

 Cheers Bene

Tutorial: Col. Straken

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle Painters,

via last weeks tutorial voting you decided to see the article about Col.Straken by Games Workshop up to your jungle blog.A true Catachan Jungle Warrior, placed in a postapocalyptic story.

This project was a exchange model Roman has done to his buddy Kyle from MR Lee's Painting Emporium and you already can find some articles that are connected to this project:

Wasteland Display base
Roman explains his thoughts on a Fallout/Wasteland base.

Creating Newspapers
Article that explains you how to add worn newspapers to your bases. 

Now this upcoming article is about some thoughts on the painting process of the model itself. Let's have a look what Roman has to tell, eh?


This model was planned as a fun project as an exchange model to my friend Kyle. I did it beside comission works, during painting classes and other important stuff that sorround my daily work schedule, so I had to do it rather quick to be not too distracted from my daily work. It is not a bad thing to decide a project to be done fast as if you do it from the heart it will look good and you can feel the heart in it, especially if it is a gift to a person you like to make a present to.

This article is not a true step by step - rather it will take you on the colourful journey that made this miniature saw until it was done and looked like this:

The Painting Process
I started with priming the miniature black only.

After the black priming I decided to use a colour I recently enjoy to start skintones from: Vallejo Model Cork Brown. Using the Airbrush to spray a first gentle layer on top of the black primer, mainly from above the model to have a first sketch of zenithal light to the model. In this stage I do not care if every area recieves some of the skins basic tone.

Quickly I decided to give the clothing its basic tone and went there with some glazes of - now guess what - catachan green but added a tiny drop of black to it as my plan was to work from a dark green to some small highlights on it.

As you can see I did paint the model not directly on its base as the basework was a little rough in the middle of the process and I did not want to harm the model with too much rust and dirt stuff ...

Next step was a very important one for me. First, all metal parts have been painted black and have been painted with Black Metal from Scale75 on top of the black.

The greens got some more layers to make it more opaque, adding a tiny drop of VMC sky grey into the last layer to prepare gentle lights on the trouser and and bandana.

I like to close into a quick paintjob by adding all basic tones in this stage, so beside the metals I also used some brown for the weapon and sketched the bone parts. Dark Brown/Black shoes, reds on the ammo shells and a sand tone for his necklace.

Sketching first highlights on the bone parts and skinpart. Same procedure like I did with the greens. Looks rough at the moment, but that is not a problem, at least for me. The overall picture is now available to me.

Now we arrive at an essential point of this article. I want to talk with you about saturated and deaturated colours. I want to talk with you how you can use the saturation of a colour to already produce first lights. It is not about mixing in a white to another colour to increase your contrast.

Check for the face in the upper photo, yeah, the rough face sketch there. Check for his nose, cheekbones, chin, these prominent spots in a human face. There you already find more saturation compared to the areas where you only can find the cork brown as a basic colour. That is why I like the cork brown a lot as a skintone. It helps me to start from a desaturated colour and increase contrast by just adding more saturated, more powerful tones to it. There are many other colours that are desaturated and work like that, you don't have to use cork brown for the rest of your life when it comes to painting skin.

What makes a colour desaturated?
A drop of grey in it. Or a drop of a coloured grey in it (for example green grey). Or a tiny drop of black. Or a drop of coloured black in it, coloured black?? Check:

Painting the colour "black"
A big guide that shows you how to conquer your blacks.
Or when you mix in your basic tone its complementary colour, as the result you will get will be a desaturated greyish tone fitting very well to your basic colour as a first or second shadow.  Now we will have a look on his left arm, still rough, not cleaned up yet but worth a look when it comes to talk about saturation.  

After a little clean up on the skin parts I decided to add smaller details and highlights to the model. A little texture on the bandana and bone parts, a highlights to the leather and wood parts, focusing on some colour variations in his face, making him look a bit unshaved for some days.

Now if we look on that beard shadow it is again about saturation and desaturation. I used glazes mixed out of skintone and green grey and applied several of them on top of my so far painted skin to achieve this effect.

The camouflage on his trouser was painted pretty simple. Some brown and black pattern used here, but again the browns in the darker areas recieved already a small drop of black to it to keep them a little more desaturated. Some rough highlights to the black shoes appear here also, again you will see that this is a little cold black here if you did read the article about painting the colour black.

Next it was texture and saturation time. It is not a problem if - during your process - you stay a little less saturated in your paintjob. I am working like this these days very often and I use thin glazes of saturated tones to brink back saturation in different areas, for example the wood, leather, skin or green fabrics. This way I am able to control which areas I want to be more saturated in the end than others. If I would place only saturated colours in the beginning I might find it hard to implement the desaturation afterwards.

The metals recieved some tiny highlights with Scale75 Cobalt Alchemy (Steel Paint Set) to make them look more interesting, as this specific colour is a great highlight colour but with a gentle touch of blue in it. Such small things bring in cool effects if the paintjob is planned as a rather quick one and the dark start of the metals help me to recieve quick results here.

About losing saturation in your highlights again
If you only add white (or a very bright colour that has much white in it) to your colour mix to increase the colour contrast you will quickly desaturate your light area. This happens, it is normal. Use a more saturated glaze over it to avoid that, but be aware of that you have to redo some highlights again. Wax on, wax off, eh?

You can also avoid it when you are closing in to paint your highlights and you see that the colour gets more and more desaturated, mix in a tiny, a really tiny drop of for example yellow or orange to it before you try again with more white (or a colour that has a lot of white in it). Mmh, honestly. I should write a complete tutorial about that without making all your brains explode in what I am trying to tell here.

Whoha, I am just realising how weird the different photos of this article look. Sorry for that, this depends on daytime and light situation on my workspace and most of them are done with the small camera or mobile. Ai, ai, ai ...

Well, after some final clean ups of all areas it was time to see how the model looks on the base. This time with too much light, but the big camera.

Now for the finish it is time to add some colour pigments to his feet to make him integrated more into the dusty wasteland scenery.

Final photos of the project can be found on Putty&Paint.

I hope you enjoyed this little read about the journey on Col.Straken, well even it was more about Saturation and some colour theory.

This was one of the first models where I made some experiences with the Scale75 colours and recently some more tests have been made. There will be a bigger article on Massive Voodoo explaining plus and minus of these really cool colour sets and what you got to take care of when you work 'em.

This article feels a little weird to me and I guess to some of you too, but hopefully there are some  thoughts that might help one or the other of you outthere!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

Voodoo Jungle News

by Massive Voodoo

Hi ladies and gentleman,
time once again for a little newsflash.
What is going on in the jungle? This might be of interest for you:

The Ultimate Paint Rack Campaign

At the moment we are in the middle of bringing all your orders together via BackerKit. Meanwhile 94% of all our backers have completed their survey of their order. That is good and we thank you for your reliability, but...

We noticed that many of our backers that already finished the survey on BackerKit using the link they received via mail forgot to add the shipping Add-On.

Without "shipping" added in BackerKit's survey as an Add-On we cannot send you your goods! It is very important to select the correct shipping option!

Please double check if you already added the shipping item in your cart in BackerKit by using the link we sent you via mail.

Another important note: even if you will pickup your goods in Augsburg or you have free shipping (stickers ...) please select the pick up or free shipping option in the Add-On and add it to the cart!

If you got any questions concerning the use of BackerKit please feel free to ask first the Team of BackerKit and if they can not provide you the help you search feel free to contact us.


We finally have a big update about this item.

You can support the jungle and the jungle supports you!

You can now place your advertisement here on MASSIVE VOODOO!

We feature:
- Daily Updates about Happy Painting
- around 1500 subscribers to the blog, steadily growing
- around 4000~6000 page impressions to the mainsite daily, around 2000 daily visitors to the article section - all interested in our Hobby from all over the globe.
- Huge amount of content with one of the best Article/Tutorial sections related to the hobby of miniature painting in the web.
Banner Advertisement?
We accept banners for all subjects that are related to our hobby, may it be your shop, a special product, simply your company/brand or your crowdfunding campaign.
We reserve the right to reject advertisements that don't fit to these subjects
or may harm or risk our readers, for example explicit adult material.
How can I place my ad in the jungle and what does it cost me?
If you are intrested in placing your advertisement on Massive Voodoo write an email to
to get provided with all the information you need, via PDF.

Please contact MV via email for a quote and further information.


Today all Random Prizes and Prizes of the Winners have been shipped. 
Except to Oli aka Honour Guard as we will meet him soon on the SMC and to Matt diPietro as he did not yet provide us with his shipping adress.

Thanks to everyone who supported the jungle with a donation to get this big load of parcels on the road!


MV's Jar's Basing Class II
Right now Roman is preparing for his upcoming basing class in the end of September. Preparing means for him getting all that material ready and installing ideas in the schedule from the great  feedback he recieved during his first round of this class in August by the students. We'll soon find out how round two worked.

MV's Jar's Beginners class
The class in Munich, Germany in mid October is filling up. If you are interested in taking part, check the link and you might get a seat as long as they last.

The class in Sprang-Chapelle, Netherlands in December is already fully booked, but you might have chance to be a part of it if you place your name on the follow-up-list.

Private Coaching
After our little summer vacation in private coaching this autumn season brings back a full list until the end of the year. Many students doing future private coaching with interesting personal topics with us and we are looking forward to tell you about it. The last months of 2014 are fully booked and early 2015 will be planned with the Private Coaching from our Ultimate Paint Rack Campaign.

BÄM² class
We didn't do a BÄM² class this year so far and as it looks like we won't do one until the year passed us. Several reasons behind this, but the biggest one is that the whole class gets a little restructure, based on a brand new class sculpt.


Massive Voodoo Painted Miniatures Boutique 
There is also a bigger update in the Miniatures for Sale area. Oli aka HonourGuard threw in some of his beautiful pieces. Go have a look and maybe you find something you want to add to your collection or use as a birthday gift to a friend.

You can also support the painters of Massive Voodoo by checking the Boutique of lovely handpainted models that are on sale - click the banner to get directed:

And ... last but not least: Massive Voodoo's birthday approaches in big steps!

Inuit Fisherman

by Roman aka jar

Hi jungle people,

maybe some of you have seen this finished bust already, but it was not yet shown on MV.

It is a real beautiful sculpt by Romain van den Bogeart which is not available at a miniature company, but directly by asking him, the sculptor himself, via his blog or his facebook page. A true big bust as it is about adult male fist size. Well, this is not an accurate describtion I know but maybe you get a better hint of its size by the size comparision photo in the end.

What I can say is that it was fun to paint and learn about its theme.
I was not aware of much history of these natives, but glued myself into some proper read, starting with Wikipedia. I went deeper and read to novels concerning these people and had some very interesting talk with a canadian friend about them, which made me dig even deeper in their today's life. And there I met sadness, these people are struggling with the global warming, facing radiation in their fish due recent nuclear power plant disasters and try to survive in this modern world with their old traditions and habits.

I tried to paint this model with the emotions I found during my research and wanted to catch the sculptors emotion in my paintjob, as I did feel Romain's power in it in every inch.

There will be an upcoming step by step of this bust and the work I have done on it via Massive Voodoo's year of the painter sooner or later, but preparing such articles with all the photos and the texts always takes a little longer than you might think. I am looking forward to write this article in the future, I hope you do too :)

Inuit Fisherman
sculpt by Romain van den Bogeart

If you want to see more photos of this painted version of this bust, please visit my gallery on Putty&Paint.

I told you about the size comparision, well here it is, even it looks a little strange from the light situation as it was made with lightning by the camera and the yellow cabinet lamp:

 Following you can see a little preview to the step by step article on this bust: The early journey's start and the final black painting of the plinth. In between a lot happened and will be explained to you in the future of Massive Voodoo's year of the painter.

Let me know what you think, like, dislike, etc. of this bust 
and keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,