by Massive Voodoo

Wonderful Friday to you Jungle people,

Roman is holding his premiere of his Jar's Advanced class this weekend. He might be pretty exhausted next week, will rest until Tuesday and then dive deep into a private coaching on Wednesday. It might happen that Roman will be very quiet next week too, but there will be Tutorial Voting next week.

Well, blalala... Roman is catching up with the past, another model he painted up is a 28 mm one from Darksword Miniatures, simply called Medusa. A joy to paint.

Darksword Miniatures, 28 mm 

You can find more photos of this tiny and filigran model on Putty&Paint.
We hope you enjoy! She is also on Sale if you want to make this beauty yours!

Keep on happy painting and may you have a great weekend!

Workshop Announcement: BÄM²! Class with Roman and Raffa in Augsburg [24.-26.06.2016]

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle painters,

we have another painting class to announce... and it is a real comeback

On the weekend of 24th until 26th of June 2016, Roman and Raffa will be in Augsburg, Germany and running the Jar's & Picster's BÄM² class in German language.

The BÄM² class has its focus on training what you learned in Jar's Beginners Class. Training your painting techniques, raising your knowledge bar on specific topics and much more. All happening with two teachers guiding you through the weekend.

If you are interested in joining the class, please check out all the information in the thread in the Tabletop Welt forum.

If you are interested in having Roman or Raffa (or both) for a class in your hometown, feel free to send Peter an e-mail. There are only a few timeslots left for 2016, so you should be quick :) check the Roadmap for 2016 for further information!

You can reach Peter via: baphomet(at)

your MV-Team

A little more News about MV classes:

- Jar's Advanced Class in Augsburg is fully booked!
... and is happening this upcoming weekend!

- Jar's Beginners Class in Copenhagen, Denmark 
is fully booked with 21 people and Roman is making ready to plan his trip! Thanks to Jacob for the awesome help in organisation! Copenhagen here we come!

- Jar's Beginner Class in Arvika, Sweden
Still some seats left, but as rumors says it is definatly happening. Want to be part of it?

Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplain

by Massive Voodoo

Hi jungle,

like we told you Roman is busy, but still is catching up with the past.
As he paints so many models during the last months there are several projects he did not yet show on the blog. One of them is a Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplain from WH40k and he looks like this:

Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplain
Games Workshop, 28 mm

Unfortanetely the miniature is not on sale anymore. As we speak the parcel containing him is on travels to his new destionation. Many thanks to a collector who got himself this piece painted by Roman. Many thanks for your support in Roman's passion, art and work.

BUT we do have updates in the MV Art for Sale area. Big time.
Updates by Peter and Roman with many new cool projects that are on sale. Check them out here by clicking the banner:


Keep on happy painting!

MV Wear - Update!

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters!

We planned to do this for quite some time and today we finally finished with streamlining our Massive Voodoo Wear store.

We threw out a lot of designs and products that were not that popular and cluttered the shop making it hard to navigate. Now there are only our most favorite designs - and two new products!

The MSV VDO Hoodie and T-Shirt.

The new design being worn by Raffa at the Duke of Bavaria 2016 (with Ben Curry and Mike Schaefer! Cheers guys! )

We printed this design as a test run and so far only Raffa and Roman had them. We were asked by a lot of people where to get the hoodies so others seem to like them too.
So if you like the design too, your can get yours now in the MV Wear store!

And guess what, we are even offering free worldwide shipping when you get two products and use the voucher code 'TWOWOO' at the check out!

But it's only until the 1st of May, so just 6 days left.

We hope you like the new design and also the less cluttered MV Wear store.


by Massive Voodoo

MV News on this week!

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle People,

this week will be rather silent from Roman's side. We already told you this.
We will still have some blogposts, but Roman needs to skip Tutorial Voting this week. Sadly.

On the upcoming weekend Roman is holding his first ever brand-new and fresh class concept with a full class of 14 students in Augsburg, Germany:

MV's Jar's Advanced Class. 
He is in the thick of finalising preparations for this event, detailing his schedules and printing work sheets. Even as a quiet experienced teacher in miniature painting he is really excited and is looking forward to give his students the best experience and learning they can get out of this weekend.

Well, Roman still got some bigger things on his schedule, for example writing the review of his last Beginner's Class in Beckingen or the Duke of Bavaria Event review. Unfortanetly this will not happen this week. The jungle whispers that this week you will mainly see finished miniatures so Roman can catch up of the past here on the blog too.

Also keep in mind that the great MV Mad Max Car Contest 2 comes to an end on Wednesday, 2nd May 2016. Right now we already have 14 confirmed entries.
Finish yours, we can not wait to witness it!

Stay tuned and see you for article voting next week!
Keep on happy painting!


by Massive Voodoo