by Massive Voodoo

Kong Fu - Artist Portrait: Alfonso Giraldes

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters, 

Roman just returned home from his painting class in Madrid, Spain.
It was his first time in Spain and he enjoyed a great journey. Thanks to everyone involved.
Roman will sit down soon to write the full review of the weeken, showing you full insight into such a cool and funny weekend, but before something personal has to be written of his soul.

Roman is now taking over:


This is something different.
Something I was thinking about for a longer time now. Something very personal, that is why I call it Kong Fu. Something out of my perspective as a person, painter and teacher. I wanted to tell the Miniature Painters outthere about the Miniature painters that influanced me very much. I just had no idea where to start or with whom to start. I know exactly the persons I want to write about and what I want to write, but so far never had any idea of the format.

Now I found it. I want to start with a painter from Spain, Madrid that many people already know:

Alfonso Giraldes aka Banshee

"A banshee is a female spirit in Irish mythology who heralds the death of a family member, usually by shrieking or keening. Her name is connected to the mythologically-important tumuli or "mounds" that dot the Irish countryside, which are known as síde (singular síd) in Old Irish.[1]" - From Wikipedia

Obviously Alfonso is not female, 
but he is loud, yelling, roaring, shrieking and keening.

I hear him since I started miniature painting.
When I started miniature painting myself Alfonso was already a big name in the miniature world. Winner of many Golden Demons, Slayer Swords and so on, but all this did not make him a great painter back then for me. 

His work was always something that fascinated me. Always. 
I learned from him from the beginning on I was taking a look at his work. Always.

The first contacts I had with him back then were only online and he was a dick -  unpolite and arrogant was my first impression I had when I recieved my first comment by him on CoolMiniorNot. 
And yes. I still think this comment was meant to be like that. I do not remember the comment right now, sorry. Nothing wrong with that, because this is Alfonso great strength:  
Honesty. Loud, yelling, roaring, shrieking and keening.

 Like a T-Rex, with the voice of a banshee.

Honesty is something very important in this life.
First of all honesty to yourself. That is what I have learned for myself. Know about your strength and your weaknesses. The goal of honesty to yourself is to create a better version of you in the future.

And why should Alfonso not be honest about if he does not like something?
He has the same strength in his voice when it comes to something he likes. 

Ok, he is loud and direct. I met him the first time at my first Monte San Savino Show and we had good, but talks with a certain distance, like two dogs smelling eachother. Now get these pictures out of your mind, please. I just did not find better words for it. Good talks in Italy, but we did not know eachother.

Since then, when I think about Alfonso I think of a spanish bull, full of pride, power, energies and a will to charge. Rather charge than back off. My personal impression since my first meeting with him.

Banshee Studio - Madrid

Next time I meet Alfonso was in one of his painting classes, organised in my hometown, Augsburg.
Main topic of this was him explaning his approach on color theory and on painting. In the last years Alfonso's approach on painting changed over the years. He changed many. Including me. In this class he can open up a door for you if you want to listen.

He often says #fucksmoothness, 
but it is not saying "fuck smoothness" in the same sentence.

I went to his class during a time I was not in my best state of health and mind. The winter before this class I saw a dark valley and think it was some kind of small depression. I learned to get out there again. I learned that no light without shadow can exist. Alfonso's class helped me to understand it beside many other factors. In the end I can say Alfonso gave me back my happy painting juju.

First, after the class I was supermega confused. Then I took a class with Kirill Kanaev and guess what I was even more confused. I did not want to copy their way of working as I was more thinking to let their style influance my way of working and painting. I was multiconfused. And I knew how to be less - I had to paint. Paint, work with the brush and color to understand what I was aiming for. So I painted and I did not like the stuff I was painting back then. For a while. When the hurt was over I felt joy again, slowly found my way back into my spirit and juju of painting and workflow. Alfonso's class had a big influance on this. Also Kirills. And more factors, but I will write about such in future articles in this style, if you enjoy this one.

Here is a good impression on what you can get out of his class about color theory if you go there with the will to learn about painting:
Last weekend I was holding one of my MV's Beginners Classes in Madrid, Spain and was able to meet great people, great students and honest kindness whereever I looked. So much hospitality and joy in painting. I will write the review soon! Can not wait actually, but have to prepare another painting class first and answer tons of mails ... well, work things out.

My first time in Spain.
Beside all the wonders and happy moments I enjoyed during my weekend class for me it also meant I will be able to get to know Alfonso better. I did. He did. We did.

I was happy to spent time with him. He is loud, wild, angry, sad, happy, true, honest, strong, weak, scared and brave with all he is in the most honest way he can be. I enjoyed this as I learned to be like this myself. Honest to myself. Accepting own weakness, gaining strength from it. Maybe not as loud as him :)

I really enjoyed being guest in his studio, in his home and really enjoyed every moment with him, even some were a little wild in organisation. That is him and I accept him with all his weakness and strength. I call him a friend and even more one of the most inspirational painters I know, from my point of view.

Prado Museum 
Alfonso is there very often to understand more and more about painting. I was able to go there with him too, in great company. We did not have a lot of time and I asked him if he would show me his favourites. This was an amazing experience. I want to do this again. You can not imagine, being here ...

... or in many other places of this great jewel of art history with a wild, loud, powerful, energized, passionate banshee. Many people, including us tried to make him go pssstt, but you had to remind him after seven seconds about the same pssstt again. It was amazing. To be very dramatical I would even say I would pay for this experience if you could book Alfonso for this.

Some great and unbelievable inspirational moments and hours,
even when I usually grow very silent when confronted with art in this scale. This was an experience only Alfonso can give you, because he is Banshee.

Some of Alfonso's work
photo credits: Alfonso Giraldes

Troll Slayer

#fucksmoothness series. nº6

Anakin vs. Obiwan

He sculpts, he draws, he is loud in so many fields.

back in the studio ...

We had a lot of talks about happy painting, about fucksmoothness and about other messages floating around in the miniature world and community. Really deep and good and most important honest talks.

Studio Impressions

Der Schornsteinfeger kommt am: 

A gift for the studio from Toni.
A wall of memories just like in MV jungle cave.

Somehow Alfonso and I speak the same language, of course with different voice levels and ways of teaching and doing. Every person, every painter is different. In the end we all aim for one very important thing: Enjoying what we do. From this we are able to learn, if we have fun we learn more things faster. If fun is running low passion can be lost.

It was wonderful to get to know more of the person who is Alfonso Giraldes, for me he is one creative genius, a mastermind even I do not like the word master, only in "Masters of the Universe".

What I have learned:

#Fucksmoothness is nothing you have to drop, cuz it is hot.
Fucksmoothness is something to appreciate with open arms as with it comes joy.
It does not mean to fuck smooth painting styles, it just means you should find your own by experementing what you like most about painting and then paint on with joy.

Alfonso is definatly in my top five miniature painting artists. I always enjoy his loud work. He was already painting when I started and since then he did not stop painting, thinking about painting, teaching about painting and learning more on his own path as a painter. If I am a pool of knowledge, Alfonso can be considered the ocean. The ocean can be calm, but also wild. Maybe Alfonso is the wind. A wind leads to a storm. Loud and roaring where he appears, like a Banshee.

Want to follow Alfonso?
You can see some of Alfonso's work on



Thank you for your friendship, your voice, your energies, 
your impact on the miniature painting world and on me.  
Never stop to paint. 
Never be silent.

Well, with this Kong Fu I want to start a series of such Kong Fu's. 
Miniature Painters who influanced me the most on my journey so far. They will come up not regularly as I have to find the right time to write and feel this, but be sure there will be some more. You will find this linked up in the interview section of MV.

Let me know if you enjoyed this and I will work on more articles like this.
Please use the comments for this. Thank you.

There will be a recorded interview, I am interviewing Alfonso. Be sure not to miss this in the future to come!

Happy Painting!
- Roman

Next ones on my list, but please be patient - very patient:
Georg Damm aka Georc
Kirill Kanaev aka Yellow One
Christian Reckert aka Bestienmeister
Peter Toth aka Baphomet 
Fabrizio Rusto aka Rusto
Raffaele Picca aka Picster
Jeremie Bonamant Teboul 
Ben Komets
Sebastian Archer
Marc Masclans 
Pepa Saavedra
and many more ...

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MV's Jar´s Advanced Classes DELUXE in Blumberg-Achdorf [28.04.2017 - 30.04.2017]

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle painters,

we are happy to announce the next MV painting class in Germany.

This time, Roman will hold one of MV's Jar´s Advanced Classes in Blumberg-Achdorf.
28.04.2017 - 30.04.2017

The class will be DELUXE, which means that accomodation and food are included in the prize.

We offer three days full of colors and happy painting. Be sure to save your seat quickly. If you are interested in joining the class, please write an E-Mail to Peter: baphomet---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com

You will find all necessary information here: CLICK

If you need an English translation, please feel free to contact Peter via the E-Mail-address above.

If you are interested in having one of Roman´s classes in your city, please check this link: CLICK

Best wishes,
Your MV-Team

Review: Private Coaching with Jörg

by Massive Voodoo

Hello ladies and gentleman,

time for another private coaching review.

Some weeks ago Jörg was visiting the Jungle, the MV Headquarter for a two day MV private coaching with Roman.

Jörg and Roman meet once so far via MV's Jar's Beginners Class in Berlin
back in 2015, where Jörg got to know Roman's way of teaching via a weekend class.

Roman & Jörg in front of the wall of memories in the MV HQ,
this photo will be up there soon too!

We asked Jörg if he would write up some thoughts on the experience he made via this way of Coaching. and lucky us he said yes. Thank you, Jörg. Thanks for the cool two days, the massively good talks and the painting time we enjoyed together!

Let's hear what Jörg has to say, shall we?
You will also find a german version below the english one.
We hope you enjoy!

Shortly to me, 
my name is Jörg and I am 52 years old. My "career" as a miniature painter, started about 30 years ago. If I had been through to this day, I could probably have good painting techniques. But as life plays, some factors were boring, and the painting lay on ice for many years.

But some changes in life lead back a path believed lost and so I discovered this wonderful hobby again for me. In addition, the Internet was added, and the miniatures of some of the artists showed an astonishing back, with the desires to do something. Some videos and painting instructions later the success did not really adjust itself. Impatience did not play an immaterial role. But it came to the realization, workshops have to be visited. For me it was 2, which were held in quite large groups. Advantage, the price remains within the framework and one gets to know great people who share with you the hobby. Disadvantage. At least with me, the lecturer can not be so individual to you and you are left with you quite alone.

For a long time, 
I was so fond of a private coaching at Massive Voodoo's novel. Since the price is a completely different hurdle and is connected with a small journey, one does not make something so fast. So first a mail the interest exists and the prompt answer with all the information you need. Relatively fast was an appointment found and so everything could be booked. DJH, very recommendable, if you have a DJH card and train booked very early and therefore also very cheap shot. Now you could only wait with impatience until it finally comes. The mail traffic shortened the wait, explaining where the focus should be and which figure should be painted. Then, finally, October arrived and it was going towards Augsburg.

Topics had already been tightened:
• Planning a project 
• Color theory 
• Theory, how do I get atmosphere into the project 
• Theory and practice of skin, especially face

Thursday at 10 am in the HQ Massive Voodoo.
There, as seen on many internet sites, I admire many of his works, there he is: Roman. All the questions you asked yourself beforehand, how it will be, how you will be, how is Roman as a person and and and. After the first 15 minutes almost all of these thoughts are all gone. A warm welcome, immediately felt like at home. First of all, a coffee and small talk before the theory started.

Roman was very well prepared and you could see that he had already gained some experience. Everything was very well understandable and there we already had some AHA effects while Roman was talking theory. I already knew that the "wolve" was soon in the line and so it arrived then also.

But after a briefing in coloring with the practice of mixing colors, the wolf went well out of my hand. And the first success story was there! In the meantime, Roman had primed our figures and so it was possible to start. What must always be mentioned here is, this great atmosphere, which reigned all the time. Roman is a great person and it is incredibly fun to chat with him about God and the world. He is constantly concerned about the welfare of his protege. He is always there for questions and there is always a full cup of tea on the court. I also met some others from Massive Voodoo. Also all the loving people, with whom you immediately had good contact. Pudelwohlfeeling!

Let's go to the figure. 
For me it was the "Bolshevik" of Castle Miniatures.

Romans Bolshevik did not come in time, so he decided to work on the "Queen of the North" from Nuts Planet. After first explaining the painting of the face I started with the airbrush. Then changed to the brush later. Again and again with the control and explanation of Roman. So the hours went by and sleighs we were at the end of the first day.

We were of course still full of energies. A nice inn right next door were a proper bavarian dinner made us all happy and tired. When I arrived at my hostel, I fell incredibly satisfied to bed. There was still a lot of things going through the head, so that immediate sleeping was not to be thought of. Great service, the next day Raffa picked me up and at 10 o'clock it went on. Yesterday we had worked to the shadows and today the lights and subtleties should be tackled.

Again and again Roman told me how to proceed and it was very easy to understand and apply it. An light-bulb-effect came after the other and even though the figure was not finished, which was also clear from the beginning as we had to tackle so much theory, I was extremely pleased with my work. At the end of the second day, I stood with a proud breast and ready for new deeds from my workplace.

Face and Skintone. Check.

 We even worked on the clothes but the color we choose here does not show the work we did there.

Roman Sansa and the Bolschewik at the ned of the coaching.

Raffa also had a student and so we were still enough people to play a session of "Zombicide" in the evening. A very successful and fun ending to private coaching.

As I thought it, the learning curve in private coaching rises very steeply. Partially you sit with a goose bumps on the arms of the square. When you see what you can do with your own hands. This has certainly contributed to the great atmosphere that has prevailed all the time.

I have to do a private coaching again next year.


German version:

Kurz zu mir, 
mein Name ist Jörg und ich bin 52 Jahre alt. Meine „Karriere“ als Miniaturenbemaler begann vor ca. 30 Jahren. Wenn ich bis heute durchgemalt hätte, könnte ich wahrscheinlich über eine gute Maltechniken verfügen.

Aber wie das Leben so spielt, pfuschten einige Faktoren mit rein und das Malen lag viele Jahre auf Eis. Aber einige Änderungen im Leben führen einen auf verloren geglaubte Pfade zurück und so entdeckte ich dieses wundervolle Hobby wieder für mich. Zusätzlich kam nun auch das Internet hinzu und die dort gezeigten Miniaturen einiger Künstler ließen einen staunend zurück, mit den Wünschen so etwas vielleicht auch mal vollbringen zu können. Einige Videos und Malanleitung später wollte sich der Erfolg nicht wirklich einstellen. Ungeduld spielte dabei keine unwesentliche Rolle. Aber es kam die Erkenntnis, Workshops müssen besucht werden. Bei mir waren es 2 , die in recht großen Gruppen abgehalten wurden. Vorteil, der Preis bleibt im Rahmen und man lernt tolle Menschen kennen, die mit dir das Hobby teilen. Nachteil. zumindest bei mir, der Dozent kann nicht so individuell auf dich eingehen und du bist mit dir ziemlich alleine gelassen.

So liebäugte ich
schon geraume Zeit mit einem Private Coaching bei Roman von Massive Voodoo. Da das preislich eine ganz andere Hürde ist und mit einer kleinen Reise verbunden ist, macht man so was nicht so schnell . Also erst einmal eine Mail das Interesse besteht und die prompte Antwort mit allen Informationen die man braucht. Relativ schnell war ein Termin gefunden und so konnte alles gebucht werden. DJH, sehr zu empfehlen, wenn man eine DJH Ausweis hat und Bahn sehr früh gebucht und daher auch sehr günstig geschossen. Nun konnte man nur noch voller Ungeduld warten, bis es endlich soweit ist.

Der Mailverkehr verkürzte ein wenig das Warten in denen erläutert wurde, wo die Schwerpunkte liegen sollte und welche Figur bemalt werden soll. Dann, endlich war der Oktober da und es ging los Richtung Augsburg.

Themen waren vorher schon festgezurrt:

• Planung eines Projektes
• Farbenlehre
• Theorie, wie bekomme ich Atmosphäre ins Projekt
• Theorie und Praxis in Sachen Haut, speziell Gesicht

Donnerstag früh um 10 im HQ Massive Voodoo.
Da steht er, auf vielen Internetseiten gesehen, viele seiner Werke bestaunt, Roman. Alle Fragen die man sich vorher stellte, wie es sein wird, wie wird man sich anstellen, wie ist Roman so als Mensch und und und. Nach den ersten 15 Minuten fast alle dahin. Ein herzlicher Empfang, sofort fühlte man sich wie zu Hause. Erst einmal einen Kaffee und Smalltalk, bevor es mit der Theorie los ging.

Roman war sehr gut vorbereitet und man merkte, dass er schon einige Erfahrungen gesammelt hatte. Alles sehr gut verständlich und es gab schon in der Theorie einige AHA- Effekte. Ich ahnte schon, dass der „Wolf“ bald an der Reihe war und so kam es dann auch. Aber nach einer Unterweisung in der Farblehre mit dem Üben des mischens von Farben, ging der Wolf gut von der Hand. Und das erste Erfolgserlebnis war da! In der Zwischenzeit hatte Roman unsere Figuren grundiert und somit konnte es dann losgehen.

Mein Arbeitsplatz.

Was hier immer wieder Erwähnung finden muss, ist, diese tolle Atmosphäre, die die ganze Zeit über herrschte. Roman ist ein toller Mensch und es macht unheimlich Spaß mit ihm über Gott und die Welt zu plaudern. Ständig ist er um das Wohl seines Schützlings besorgt. Immer ist er für Fragen da und es steht immer eine volle Tasse Tee auf dem Platz. Ich lernte auch einige Andere von Massive Voodoo kennen. Auch alles liebenswerte Menschen, mit denen man sofort guten Kontakt hatte.

Los ging es an die Figur. Bei mir war es der „Bolshevik“ von Castle Miniatures. Romans Bolshevik kam nicht rechtzeitig, so musste er auf die „Queen of the North“ von Nuts ausweichen. Nach ersten Erklärungen zum bemalen des Gesichtes fing ich mit der Airbrush an. Wechselte dann später zum Pinsel. Immer wieder mit der Kontrolle und Erklärung von Roman. So gingen die Stunden ins Land und schwupps waren wir am Ende des ersten Tages angelangt. Keine Angst, zwischendurch waren wir uns natürlich noch stärken. Ein nettes Gasthaus gleich nebenan. In meiner Herberge angekommen fiel ich unheimlich zufrieden ins Bett. Es schwirrten einem aber noch viele Sachen des Tages durch den Kopf, sodass an ein sofortiges Schlafen nicht zu denken war.

Toller Service, am nächsten Tag holte mich Raffa ab und um 10 Uhr ging es weiter. Gestern hatte wir und bis an die Schatten gearbeitet und heute sollten nun die Lichter und Feinheiten in Angriff genommen werden. Immer wieder erklärte mir Roman wie vorzugehen ist und es fiel einem sehr leicht es nachzuvollziehen und anzuwenden. Ein AHA Effekt nach dem anderen kam und auch wenn die Figur nicht fertig wurde, was auch von vorneherein klar war, war ich äußerst zufrieden mit meinem Werk. Am Ende des 2. Tages stand ich mit stolzer Brust und bereit zu neuen Taten von meinem Arbeitsplatz auf. Toll!

Raffa hatte auch einen Schüler und so waren wir noch genug Leute, um am Abend noch eine Runde „Zombicide“ spielen zu können. Ein sehr gelungener und lustiger Ausklang des Private Coachings.

Wie ich es mir gedacht habe, die Lernkurve beim Private Coaching steigt sehr steil. Teilweise sitzt man mit einer Gänsehaut auf den Armen am Platz. Wenn man sieht, was man mit eigenen Händen schaffen kann. Dazu beigetragen hat sicher auch die tolle Atmosphäre, die die ganze Zeit über geherrscht hat Ich habe vor nächstes Jahr wieder ein Private Coaching zu machen.


Khârn the Betrayer & Undead Sentinel

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle,

Peter was quite active in the last weeks and is pushing some of his work in progress stuff toward the finish line. Today he wants to tell you a bit about his latest piece: Khârn the Betrayer

I love the background of Khârn since I read my first 40k-rulebook so many years ago. The old Citadel model was a beauty of its time and still has its special character today. When I heard that GW was doing a new version I knew, I had to paint it. The goal was not to push all my energies into it, but to get a good distraction from all these complicated projects which are standing on my table. I just wanted to paint a nice little badass-crazed Space Marine like back in the old days :)

I´m fascinated with the 40k lore and especially with the four big cult-legions. Every of them has its own special character which is an extreme of important aspects of today´s humanity: anger, decay, lust and change. They are perverted puppets owned by the chaos entities which are themselfs a mirror to us. But when you have a closer look at the four big chaos gods and read the books of the old days from GW, you see that these entities were designed as some kind of philosophical discourse. They are symbols for our bad extremes, but always keep a sparc of positiveness in themself: anger & honor, decay & new life, lust & love, (negative) change & (positive) change... 

While painting the miniatures I saw the same positive sparc in the cult legions and especially here in Khârn. It was a really interesting paintjob and I was brooding a lot during the paintjob...

Some more pictures:

You can find him here on Putty&Paint: CLICK

If you like, you can make Khârn your own. He is placed on his standard gaming base which can be removed from the plinth.You will find him in my catalogue in the MV Sales Area: CLICK

And now I´d like to give you a sneakpic on my actual project: it´s the Sentinel of R´lyeh
which was sculpted by Raffa and which you can get via FeR Miniatures.

Honestly, the bust was standing in my cabinet for quite a while. It´s a beautiful piece of work, but I was never sure about the colours I had to chose for it. I think this is also the hardest part when working on this bust. But as soon as you know your way, it´s almost painting itself. The picture aboove is the result of four hours of painting. There is still a lot to do and I´m actually working on the metallics, which is a bit tireing. I´m nevertheless enjoy the bust a lot and I´m curious where the road will end :)

Looking foreward to your comments. What do you think?


Mu91 - Lord of the Jungle, Legends of the Jungle

by Massive Voodoo

Time for another review on MV. 

This is review #91

- if you are interested in getting to know more products or miniatures we regularly use, 

Today we will look closer on a project called "Lord of the Jungle".  
This model is part of an actual running kickstarter called Legends of the Jungle by  
Hector Moran and

This Mu will take us deep in the jungle. 
We will have a closer look on the diorama to the left, the Lord of the Jungle. As the Kickstarter is already running you can see how well prepared the team behind the curtains work. The sculpts are done by Hector Moran in 3D and we have one of five prototype casts in hand, here for the review.

We were informed that final packing of the models is not done yet, so we unpack it from a rather uncommon box. We were also informed that prototype means this is not the final cast. They still want to improve some minor things here and there.

Massive Voodoo's Roman also will play a small part in this Kickstarter Campaign. Here is why. Roman's words:

"After Monte San Savino Show I had some deep talks with Oliver Posvek (little-rouge), a friend of mine from Graz and also a part of the Kickstarter campaign “Legends of the Jungle” by Hector Moran:

I really got drawn to this project and also backed it today. Why? Well, I love to support new things in our miniature world. My heart is with projects about animals, we definatly need more of these on the market. Animals are the key to make it possible that I can show models to my mum and she understands them. If I show her an undead samurai ogre she does not understand. I would love to see more people understand the joy of our miniature hobby and I think animals are the key to this.

And I like jungle. And I will paint my version of the Lord of the Jungle too. It will be a wild ride, I will mix kits, I will give him a beard and testicles, I will cut the base in pieces and I will paint it with maximum jungle atmosphere. This will happen as support in a PDF guide for the “Legends of the Jungle” Kickstarter. Well documented and wild like true jungle should be. If you want to read this and maybe do a jungle diorama yourself this project is definatly something you should not miss.

Another good news is the recent update on the Campaign itself. The Team of Legends of the Jungle received so much good feedback out of the community and rebuilt their pledge system, now with even a 54 mm option, instead of only 75 mm. Their stretchgoals are now easier to reach and I think we all can help together to make this come to life. 

Support them here and feel the jungle!

Important is that you ask questions via the comments if some might appear to you. They will be answered frequently and steady. For more animals and projects who push forward to the good idea and heart! Sharing means caring! - Roman" 

Roman's not so secret sketches on how he wants to cut the base in pieces and beard and testicles. This will be definatly a very interesting guide and a tall jungle base. Please know that Roman will also include some words of his project plan and thoughts in this review.

Ok, let's unpack it!
Like said this is not the official box the models will be delivered in after the Kickstarter. This is how the prototype was delivered to Roman. Mega big box.

Everything safe and sound. Wohauw!

Two Characters in this diorama and a big jungle base. 
The scale of this review is the 75 mm version. We start with the human part in the Lord of the Jungle diorama. It is very obvious who is represented here. There can be only one true Lord of the Jungle and he wears a loincloth. A really cool face with character greets Roman while unpacking, but

Roman thinks: "Why is that guy - living in the jungle beside apes since he was two years old - not wearing a beard? Who is he shaving for? Is there a secret monkey love going on and she tells him to shave with a sharp stone? Where are the scars then from learning it? I will give my best to sculpt a beard to my version. Maybe they can even add one to the Kickstarter as a free add-on for everybody who gets the Lord? A beard to glue to the face, optional. :D

 As you can see the hair shows a little rest from the resin cast, if this is just on the prototype we can not tell, but we hope that not too much work is needed on the delicate hair parts later on. The overall quality of the other parts is really, really good for a prototype.

Arms full of muscles, but the photo is a little bit too bright so we see no contrast. Damn it. The open hand looks ace and the one closing around the liana looks good too.

A Lord of the Jungle without legs would be eaten very fast ... well, by actual anything, ants, tigers, birds, monkeys. His legs look as ripped as his overall body ... seems jumping from liana to liana is quite the good workout.

Megaripped. Ok, no one wants to see the Lord of the Jungle with a bavarian beer belly. This guy is working out, running and jumping through the jungle like he lived there ... wait, he does.

Roman thinks: "Lord of the Jungle, loincloth, nothing under it. I will change this in my version. Sorry for upcoming explicit visual content, but realistic, I mean c'mon.

The Lord of the Jungle's only weapon, a small stone knife, 
that has to be attached to his left leg.

The parts fit very well in this prototype and we do not think they change this in the future to the worse. Really good fitting quality.

In full size ... right now without liana.

He looks like ready to jump, 
still observing and staring the jungle visitor in the eyes. Who moves first?

Let's have a look on the Gorilla. 
Still we are asking the question who of these two is the real Lord of the Jungle. Would the real Lord please stand up?

The Gorilla arrives in five parts. Two legs, two arms, one main body.

Again it is already obvious how good the fitting will be. Everything is ready to be glued together. A big advantage of 3d sculpts I guess. They also certainly so far have a different look compared to the traditional sculpting. It is hard to point a finger to what it exactly is, but they do look different. Not bad. Different. This cast also shows no mould lines at all. We hope this will stay like that and not only for the prototype. Wonderful.

Roman thinks: "I love Gorillas, but in my vision I see the Lord up in the trees with his liana and the gorilla will not fit into this idea. I think about using the cat out of the second Kickstarter diorama."

The Lor... no, the Gorilla and its main body.

Looking really good from both sides.

Let's add arms and legs ...

Why does the gorilla stand so awkward? It is because he fits prefectly to the groundwork ...

The base arrives in one huge piece. Groundwork and a tree are the option to place the two in the jungle. The look is very jungly and we think you can add great atmosphere to it with paint and additional plants on the ground.

Roman thinks: " For my version I will not use the groundwork and have to take the tree as a start to build up a bigger tree. Oh my gawd!"

Both together on the base, checking for interesting volumes in black and white ... the vision of the bearded jungle man takes shape, plus testicles.

Explicit visual content incoming ... oh why :D

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