MV's Tip of the week #04

by Massive Voodoo

Today's tip is about music,
music for cat's actually. Roman's cats, Keiko and Momoko are supercool cats and when Roman heard of music that is composed with a musical language for cats he had to give it a try. He was fascinated of the result. First both, were interested. Then they calmed down, lay down, relaxed to the music for more than an hour. It was clearly visible that they listened and their breathing and level of relaxation was astonishing.

Well, if you got a cat give it a try.

Music for Cats 



by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle Painters,

recently I recieved my Kickstarter Pledge from the latest Zombicide project and I had to paint some quick Zombies again. Just some short work of maximum three hours all together, but hell of fun.
I just love to paint Zombies and the ones from Zombicide are getting cooler and cooler ...

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,


by Massive Voodoo


by Massive Voodoo

Okay, okay ... 
The contest is finally over. Your work is done, our work not, but before we'll give you further information about the process of the contest we now find out who guessed right about the number of entries.

With your help and passion we were able to run the biggest online miniature painting contest once agian. Thank you all! While Bananalicious #1 finished with 172 entries BANANALICIOUS #2 ended up with 290 entries. WOW!

Fantasy Standard: 89
Fantasy Master: 38
Historical Standard: 14
Historical Master: 13
Diorama: 41
Sculpting: 29
Army Painting: 30
Special: Base: 35

Out of Competition: 1

This is just the number of entries recieved and confirmed valid. Many more mails were written and we do not count the number of models via the displays. Still its so huge thanks to all your happy painting voodoo spirit!

Now let's see how comes closes with his guess in yesterdays blogpost.
Some were really close but only one nailed it to the spot:

Jack PsiCrow: 290

Sir, thanks for joining the fun pls sent us over your postal adress via mail to recieve your jungle surprise.


Upcoming Organisation Timeline

1. In the next week we check back all the photos in detail and write a mail here and there if necessary.

2. Behind the jungle curtains we will prepare the gallery uploads to the blog. There will be several uploads of the different categories and some categories will be presented in several parts as they are so big. This will take weeks.

3. During that time we will also present you the winners of the Random Prize Pool.

4. When the gallerys are up, we will sit down and do the judging work.

5. Then we will present you the winners of BANANALICIOUS #2.

6. Then it is time to calm down.

You see this is a huge amount of work and everybody who organised a contest with about 60 entries knows how though it gets. Now imagine we have 290 entries. Please be patient. We do our best to get this all done in a fine time management, but we have lives beside and work to do. For example next week Raffa and Roman have a private coaching early in the week and travel to Hamburg on Thursday for holding a sculpting and a painting class.

Lucky you all are as with Raffa and Roman you have two of the worldclass' miniature judges with a lot of competition- and painting experience doing their job, but before they can get to work many minions (or one big one) have to pull on many robes to get everything ready for you! Stay tuned!

If you want to pay credit or pay tribute with a coffee concerning Roman's time he is spending on the organisation of the BANANALICIOUS 2 Contest please use the jungle support area. Thanks to those who already did. Highly appreciated! He bows his head in gratitude in your direction.



H. M. (friendly Jungle Painter)

... to be continued!


by Massive Voodoo

BANANALICIOUS - Make your guess!

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle Painters, 

last night truely was the long night of confirmation mails for Roman.
Thank you all for your many entries to our contest.

Bananalicious 1 was finished with 172 entries and
we can proudly say that BANANALICIOUS 2 easily topped that.

Now it is your turn - make your guess:
How many entries did we recieve this time?

Write your guess via comment to this post. One person, one guess!
Tomorrow we will announce the exact number of entries and the one who is most close to it,
will win a small MV jungle surprise.

More information about further process on the contest follows tomorrow.

Yay! Make your guess!


by Massive Voodoo

The night is dark and full of mails to write!

57 mails still ahead.

Read you soon about further details on the contest future procedure.

If you want to pay credit or pay tribute with a coffee concerning Roman's time he is spending on the organisation of the BANANALICIOUS 2 Contest please use the jungle support area. 

Thank you  all for taking part!