Weekly Weathering Inspiration, part 3

by Massive Voodoo

And part 3 arrives.
See part 1 here.
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The reason for this pure inspiration was Peter's and Roman's trip to Arvika, Sweden this year and a crazy guy named Markus, who helped organising this MV's Jar's Beginners class so up north.

He picked up both MV monkeys in Oslo and instead of driving home to Arvika he had a surprise for us and took us to a hidden place somewhere in Sweden's deep forests - a car graveyard with over 800 rusting cars, aged by weathering and nature's power - a beautiful place to take photos and draw inspiration:

Musica :)

If you want to see more inspirational photos and you learn to observe and study real life things for your miniature painting inspiration, you can find more photos like this on Roman's photo instagram account: have a look and stay inspired!


Tutorial: Rusted Paint - Model Mates

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

this week's tutorial voting results look like this - winner is:

If you want to keep track with an overview on what has happened so far in MV's year of the painter 2
please check this link!

Today we want to talk about rust a little bit, yes rust.
This time the rust will eat away a painted armor part.
We already had a couple of other tutorials available about this topic:
Theory Thursday #5: Rust
Weathering Video
How to create real rust pigments
Mu 45 - Tutorial - Model Mates - Rust Effect

Raffa will now take care of the article. We hope you enjoy!

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In this article you will see the armor part of the bust "Firestarter" that I sculpted and painted. The bust is released at Fernando Ruiz Miniatures if you are interested in getting one!

 This is how the effect looks on the final miniature

Now let's start!

The first step was to prime and basecoat the parts using 'Heavy Metal' by Scale Color.

 Now the parts were randomly dabbed with Medium Rust by Model Mates.
In the beginning it often looks a bit strange, but when it is dry, it looks very nice and rusty.

 Here is the other side.

Both parts got a light drybrush of 'Heavy Metal'

 It makes the plates look like the edges still get some use and get randomly beaten up.

 I tried to apply 'Chipping Medium' from AK Interactive using my trusty Harder & Steenbeck Evolution airbrush...

It created a very strange effect... Almost looks like the medium destroyed and crackled some of the rust color.

Really a bit strange :D

But for now I tried to ignore it and continued airbrushing the next layer, a very neutral olive grey.
It was an olive tone by AK Interactive airbrush colors.

After the color was dry I started to remove some of the paint using a bristle brush and warm water.
By using the chipping medium you can easily remove top layers of paint with some rubbing and warm water.

The rust color turned a bit yellow. It seems that chipping medium and water are not best friends with the rust paint.

The Model Mates rust was applied another time taking care not to hit the areas where the olive paint was sitting.

The edges of the chipped olive paint were hightlighted with a mix of white and olive.
This created a very three dimensional effect.

In the end a little freehand was painted with off-white and I airbrushed a shadow on the sides of the parts using 'Strong Tone' by Army Painter. To give it a slightly metallic look I used a graphite pencil to softly stroke some of the edges. The slight shine gives it a nice touch.

At this point I called the parts done. It's a really fast and nice technique to create this effect.
Try it yourself!

I really hope you enjoyed this Step by Step! Let me know in the comments!

Nova Open Seminars: Speedpainting Masterclass

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle,

we would like to introduce some of our seminars we did held at this years NOVA OPEN 2016 some days ago. Why we do this? Well, we had a wonderful number of students in our seminars, but we still had one or two seats left open :)

We'd like to start with one by Roman called
"Speedpainting Masterclass".

The topic of this two four hour class is rather obvious. It was held twice.

First of all you got to know something. 
As you know Roman is teaching a lot. So far he never titled any of his classes "Masterclass". Why? I think he not even can explain this.

This class concept is something that Roman evolved during the work on the start on MV's Zombie Community project. He thaught himself to paint up a decent looking Zombie in about 15 minutes. He decided to give teaching this a try at this years NOVA Open 2016.

So, Roman was excited and nervous if this will even work. If the class concept would fail it would be mean four hours of boredom for his students, but Roman decided to put a little pressure on himself by adding "Masterclass". Hah! There is the explanation :)

To all who participated: Thank you! We hope you enjoyed the seminar.

Roman did start the class with theory and some painting demonstrations. Everything served on small dishes to have dinner later. As this was a hands on class people were up to paint Zombies on their own and give this speedpainting masterclass technique a go. It turned out that everyone was having a lot of fun and painted Zombie after Zombie.

Many thanks to
for their great support on Zombie models!

Thanks Jared, Alex and Jeff 
for the wonderful collaberation and your help! 


Roman was able to breathe clearly when his students went for their first Zombie...
... and returned after about 15-20 Minutes with a masterful speedpainted Zombie. 

The joy in their eyes and the speed they went for choosing their next Zombie was just a wonderful sight for Roman as a teacher, who was not sure if the class concept will work.

Bloodsplatters. Man we used so much "Blood for the Bloodgod".
Results from class one. 
After a while we even started to paint heroes and did put 1-2 minutes in their looks.

Results from class two. Zombie Speedpainting par excellence.

Once in a while a Zombie recieved special attention, for example this one with his orange NOVA Open shirt. Half a minute more and you got something like this.

A wonderful idea of group one came up.
Why not put some Zombies of this class together, build a base and enter them as a Diorama in the Capital Palette. Out of the class, into the contest. Of course Roman did not find time to take a photo in the Capital Palette's cabinets, but Kayley did and handed this over to Roman. Thanks!

Ok, they did not place in the contest, but MAN! what a beautiful sight for a teacher.
Thank you students of this class to make me go so proud of you! We actually did not know how to handle them in the contest as there was no rule of multiple painters on a piece. Not yet. We will think on such a category next year.

Thank you all for being part of the NOVA Open and see you next year for sure. What about a Space Marine Speedpainting Masterclass, eh?

Keep on happy painting!

Review: Prviate Coaching with Thorsten

by Massive Voodoo

Hello ladies and gentleman,

time for another private coaching review.

A little while ago Thorsten was visiting the MV Headquarter for a two day MV private coaching with Roman.

Thorsten is a long time Jungle Painter and took part in many weekend workshops so far. So it was a pleasure to welcome him in the MV Studio.  Roman and Thorsten had a great teaching and painting time.

Roman & Thorsten

This coaching was also special, because Raffa was teaching Andy, a good jungle friend and good buddy of Thorsten at the same time in sculpting. This was a very exclusive thing, having two different classes at once. We did this because we were asked so nicely, but we are not sure if we'll do it again. All was cool, but still, both teachers decided in the end to not do it again.

Let's hear what Thorsten has to say about his coaching, shall we?

Thorsten's review in english 
(big thanks to Mike for the translation work!)

After a couple of group courses (beginner classes, sculpting workshops and base building workshops) with the guys from MassiveVoodo I previously attended, I opted for a private coaching by Roman at the beginning of this year.

The coaching started already a few weeks before the workshop itself by the common elaboration of my learning objectives

- useful project planning before the painting
- athmospheric painting
- understanding textures and reasonable painting in scale
- useful steps with the airbrush while working at a figure for display

Always dancing in private coaching reviews.
A particular aspect of this coaching weekend was, that my hobby buddy Andy had a sculpting workshop by Raffa at the same time. This gave me the opportunity to take a look across the great and very well lit desk now and then. If you come to visit the studio of these guys, look how practically and neatly the working places are arranged there. When I came home, I immediately started to reorganize and clean up my studio a little bit. 
Already at the friendly reception I felt familiar and welcome. There were tea, coffee and Andy also brought a cake with him. After a short while of small talk about the content of the workshop the painting adventure could start.

Welcome, Thorsten.

Preceding the concrete painting process, there were amazingly elaborated theory units and exercises on paper concerning the respective issues. Here, Roman integrated many parts of his advanced classes concerning athmosphere. There were also some theoretical exercises about colour study and theory of colours to absolve.

Plans before starting.

First exercises consisted of mixing any imaginable colours from primary colours. Amazing, how easy it works. This gave me the certainty, that I can remix any colour already used on an figure without exact knowledge, which colours were used before. Very helpful!

First of all I painted a wolf in a classic daylight situation an an exercize, followed by a wolf in a light situation similar to the one I planned to paint onto my mini later on. This whet my appetite to draw or paint something like that onto paper.

Thorsten's wolves.

For the scene I wanted to build, I had the vision of a dwarf, entering a ruined city in the Frostgrave setting at dawn (blue hour). For that reason we mixed a little bit of dark, cool blue into every colour to set the right mood. I was really surprised that the eye perceives these colours as „normal“ nontheless. White for example still appears as white even with blue in it. It's magic!



Because I had only very little experience with the Airbrush, Roman showed me how to apply the base colour and a first light situation on mini and terrain. Not as difficult as I had thougth. I will certainly use this technique again in the future, because you can safe time and bring a kind of rough sketch of the light situation onto the objects.

In between we painted the mini in detail and worked at tissue and leather textures. Roman was so kind and painted a rat with a dripping snout for me. So a „true Roman“ decorates the whole ensemble. Many thanks again for this!

The rat

 Thorsten's Dwarf. A random encounter, maybe?

To intensify the mood, we added an OSL effect of a lantern. When I later showed the scene to friends at home, they couldn't believe that you can create such a bright shine with normal colours alone. It's magic again!

I want to say, that the workshop totally satisfied my expectations and I can recommend it to everybody who left the most basic painting behind. In the end you will certainly think: It's magic! 



Thorsten's review in german:

Nach einigen Gruppenkursen (Einsteigerkurs, Modellierworkshop und Basebauworkshop), die ich bereits bei den Jungs von MassiveVoodo belegt hatte, hatte ich mich Anfang des Jahres für ein Privatecoaching bei Roman entschieden.
Das Coaching begann bereits ein paar Wochen vor dem eigentlichen Workshop und zwar in dem wir gemeinsam meine Lernziele ausarbeiteten:

- sinnvolle Projektplanung vor dem Malen
- Atmosphärisches Malen
- Texturen verstehen und sinnvoll im Maßstab malen
- sinnvolle Arbeitschritte auf einer Displayfigur mit der Airbrush

Das Besondere an diesem Coaching war vielleicht zudem, dass mein Hobbybuddy Andy gleichzeitig ein Modellier-Coaching bei Raffa hatte. Dies gab mir auch die Gelegenheit ab und an über die tolle und super gut ausgeleuchtete Tischinsel zu spickeln. Falls Ihr mal ins Studio von den Jungs kommt, schaut euch an wie praktisch und ordentlich hier die Arbeitsplätze angeordnet sind. Als ich wieder nach Hause kam, habe ich gleich meine Werkstatt ein wenig umstrukturiert und aufgeräumt.

Ich habe mich bereits mit dem netten Empfang heimisch und willkommen gefühlt. Es gab Tee, Kaffee und Andy hatte noch einen Kuchen dabei. Dann ein wenig inhaltlicher Smalltalk und das Malabenteuer konnte starten.

Vorbereitend zu den konkreten Malarbeiten gab es ausgezeichnet ausgearbeitete Theorieeinheiten und Übungen auf Papier zu den jeweiligen Themen. Roman hat hier einen Großteil seines Advanced Kurses zum Thema Atmosphäre einfließen lassen. Hier gab es auch einige theoretischen Übungen zur Farbstudie und -lehre machen.
Die ersten Übungen bestanden im Mischen jeglich vorstellbarer Farben aus den Grundfarben. Überraschend wie leicht das funktioniert. Mir gibt es auf jeden Fall die Sicherheit, dass man ohne größere Probleme jede Farbe die bereits auf der Figur ist wieder nachmischen kann, ohne dass man wissen muss mit welcher Farbe man hier genau gemalt hat. Sehr hilfreich!

Als Übung durfte ich hier zuerst einen Wolf in einer klassischen  Tageslichtsituation bemalen, anschließend einen Wolf in der von mir für meine Mini gewünschten Lichtsituation. Ich bekam hierdurch gleich Lust auch auf Papier entsprechendes in klassischen Zeichnungen/Gemälden umzusetzen.

Als Vision für meine Szene hatte ich einen Zwerg, der eine Runinenstadt im Frostgrave Universum, in einer Dämmerungssituation (blue hour) betritt. Aus diesem Grund haben wir dann später als Stimmungsfarbe in jede andere Farbe ein wenig dunkles, kühles blau eingemischt. Hat mich echt überrascht, aber das Auge nimmt die Farben trotzdem als „normale“ Farben wahr. Zum Beispiel erscheint ein Weiß auch mit dem eingemischten Blau immer noch als Weiß. It´s magic!

Da ich mit Airbush nur geringe Erfahrungen hatte, zeigt mir Roman wie man den Grundfarbauftrag und eine erste Lichtschattensituation auf die Mini und das Gelände aufbringt. Gar nicht so schwierig wie zuerst gedacht. Ich werde diese Technik sicher in Zukunft wieder verwenden, da man hier Zeit sparen kann und schon eine Art grobe Skizze, insbesondere der Lichtsituation auf die Objekte bringen kann.

Zwischendrin haben wir die Min im Detail bemalt und an Stoff- und Ledertexturen gearbeitet. Roman war so nett und hat mir ganz liebevoll eine Ratte mit triefender Schnauze bemalt. So schmückt jetzt ein echter Roman das gesamt Ensamble. Vielen Dank nochmals dafür!

Um die Stimmung zu verstärken haben wir ganz am Ende noch einen OSL Effekt mit einer Laterne gezaubert. Als ich später die Szene Freunden zu Hause gezeigt habe, konnten diese gar nicht glauben, dass man solch ein strahlendes Leuchten allein mit Farbe hinbekommen kann. It´s magic again!

möchte ich sagen, dass der Workshop meine Erwartungen voll erfüllt hat und ich diesem jedem der schon etwas fortgeschrittener malt empfehlen kann. Am Schluss werdet Ihr wie ich sicher denken: It´s magic!