by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,
well it's about time and Raffa and Roman are entering a plane to D.C. this morning to be a part of the NOVA Open 2015, starting in a couple of days. Both are really looking forward to meet you there and feel very honoured to be selected judges of this years Capital Palette.

You want more information?

BUT this does not mean your jungle of daily painting will become absolutely silent. We have prepared some cool posts for you and wish you some happy painting all around the globe!

NOVA Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention
September 3-6, 2015
Hyatt Regency Crystal City at Reagan National Airport 
(Washington Dulles International IAD also nearby)
2799 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, VA  22201
Room Nights lowest in City at $91 per
Current Games/A Few Surprises Likely:
40K (GT, Invitational, Narrative, Trios Team Tournament)
Blood Bowl
CMON's: Dark Age & Wrath of Kings
Dropzone Commander
Lord of the Rings/Hobbit
Warhammer Fantasy
40+ Seminars
Vendor Hall
NOVA Open Charitable Foundation:  Lounge & Silent Auction
Halls open 24/7 from Thursday at 10am through Sunday at 7pm
Where to Find Us:
More Information:


by Roman aka jar

A fine glass of red wine, packing my suitcase for D.C. and some fine music.

Bananalicious News!

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

today the last load of Random Prize Pool winners was shipped.
Additional to this we already started to ship individual medals. We did not finish this yet and tomorrow Raffa and Roman are heading out to the NOVA Open 2015.

Not funny on a bike, but great feeling afterwards!

After our return we will drop a last bunch of parcels to the roads with all your medals included.

Stay tuned´and keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,
Your MV-Team

Total War Warhammer

by Roman aka jar

Well, this looks totally awesome, eh?

Toy Pops! - Repairs

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle Painters,

well, I never really was into Custom Toys.

I learned about them via the interview with David "Dust" Stegmann.
Recently I got in touch with some more. An emergency email forwarded from the local hobby store called "Modellbau Koch" (where I am a frequent visitor).

The mail was about doing repairs on two customized "Toy Pops!" for a wedding cake. Inspired by the couples World of Warcraft Characters. The wedding was close. I read the urgency in the words of Bernhard and put on my Batman-Costume. I did the repairs, repainted some areas and did some minor more work to the hair and eyes. Also a white plastic card board was cut in a circle shape (thanks for your patience and pity to my elbow, Bene!) to look better on the white wedding cake. Fun. Truely fun.

I was even thinking about painting one of these to the light and texture standards in the miniature painting scene. Mmh. If there is anyone of you outthere who could imagine such a crazy comission, please contact me!

Toy Pops!

Patience by Bene, but what I learned from this photo: Doing something with a blade and a having a patch on the finger does never look professional. And Bene did awesome!
 From the back!
 Upper Front!

And Wedding Cake View:

Thanks Bernhard for your trust!
Emergency case closed!
I wish you a great wedding!

And to all you jungle painters outthere:
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

Forged Monkey ... and the future!

by Raffa aka Picster

Hey Jungle Painters!

Maybe you remember Forged Monkey? I am sure many will do!

Forged Monkey was my very personal solo project of a line of miniatures and busts.
It started very small but slowly grew bigger and bigger...
... to the point where I couldn't handle the orders, the webshop needed many urgent updates, some tax rules changed for me in 2015 that weren't implemented in the shop and it costed me so much time that I couldn't concentrate on the things I love to do: sculpting and painting.

So I closed the webshop in January 2015.

My first plan was to polish everything up, create a new webshop, new packaging and make everything more professional.
But time flew by and I just didn't find the time to do all of this...

Then I was in vacation with my girlfriend (now officially my wife btw ;-) in Spain.

We met with Fernando Ruiz Ceano in Barcelona where we were also talking a bit about miniatures (how could we not).

He had a great idea... to make a collaboration between Forged Monkey and Fernando Ruiz Miniatures ( FeR ).

I loved the idea as it would finally give me more freedom, make my miniatures easily available in different countries and take away the stress of packaging and selling my works. Also, Fernando is a very passionate professional when it comes to his work, I love this and working together with him is great :)

Last Thursday the first two busts were officially released at FeR and the collaboration started!
In the FeR webshop you will now find a Forged Monkey category where you will find all my works.

The first two busts that were released are Ragnok, Orc Norse Hero and Jamal.
Roman did an ace job painting both version of Ragnok. ( Version 1 and Version 2 )

Make sure to stay tuned for future Forged Monkey busts at FeR and maybe get the FeR Newsletter to be informed about the next releases!

And... see you next week at NOVA Open!
Roman and myself will be there!


Phoniks - Hip Hop Mix 2014

by Roman aka jar