Reviews: Private Coaching at MV

by Roman aka jar

We are available for private coaching, that means you can come visit us in our studio in Augsburg, Germany and we will bring your personal painting/basing/sculpting skill to a new level. You decide what we work on, you decide your topic, we plan together up front - contact us via mail to get further details in form of an Information PDF:

Roman aka jarhead

Raffaele aka picster

This kind of coaching is definatly something different than a weekend painting class with many students. This coaching lets you make obvious big steps on your individual painting level, trains your skills under guidance by some of the best teachers in the miniature painting world.

Thanks to everyone who trusted in our teacher skills so far!

Please enjoy the following reviews:

Coming soon! - Mads
Coming soon! - Meg
Coming soon! - Jörg
Coming soon! - Andi


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