Painting Class Information, Roadmap - 2015

by Roman aka jar

Aloa Jungle people,

a new year starts and we'll have some upcoming painting classes for you ready soon.
Please stay informed via the blog or our facebook site on your own responsibility. You can find an overview over our actual painting classes in this section of our blog:

You can find reviews of past painting classes here!

You want to organise a painting class with us?
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2015 - Class Roadmap

First plans of 2015 are already made - be a part of it and see you there for happy painting and sculpting!

Following we can already name you cities where we are planning classes in 2015. We can't give you details on the date as this is still in planning. Classes that are ready and online will be linked up - stay tuned and please remember the fact that you might not see a class happening in front of your doorstep. If you travel for the classes, be sure the journey is worth it!

Information on MV's Jar's Beginners class:  
The class that gives you insight into Roman's way of painting and basing, his thoughts, the background of his inspiration and a lot of fun and happy painting.

Gernsheim, Germany (close to Darmstadt) - Octobre 23rd - 25th 2015
(german language class)

Dillingen-Saar, Germany (in planning /2015/2016)
Liverpool, UK (in planning /2015/2016)
Lyon, France (in planning /2015/2016)
Athen, Greece (in planning /2015/2016)
Istanbul, Turkey (in planning /2015/2016)
Detmold, Germany (in planning /2015/2016)

Raffa's Conversion- and Sculpting class for Beginners and Advanced Sculptors. Finally! Learn everything important to convert with fun and sculpt with joy! Leave all that fear behind!

Graz, Austria (in planning /2015/2016)
Blumberg-Achdorf, Germany (in planning /2015/2016)
Berlin, Germany (in planning /2015/2016)

Basing Classes will be available again in Summer/Autumn 2015!

Augsburg, Germany (in planning /2015)

Planning on:
Graz, Austria

Augsburg, Germany

Happy Painting and see you in 2015!
Your MV-Crew


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